Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: A Picture, A Prayer, & A Prize

Today, may we embrace holy fear for God. May His light shine on the dark places of our hearts, and may we not live in fear, but live in love. May we love the life we're given and live the love of the Father who came to bring life in overflowing, joyful abundance as we simply abide. May we know His truth in the very depths of our being, and may it set our hearts free to sing every day of our lives.

This is Day 31 of {Healthy} Living. Check out the end of Day 1 for the link to all the posts. Many thanks to Nester for inspiring me and so many others to write this month! She ended her series on "Home, On Purpose" with a good word on contentment. And isn't that really what our lives need? A good dose of contentment? Read her final post here and print your free download as a prize for hanging in here for 31 days. You will love seriously love it. I can't wait to hang it in my kitchen to remind me each and every day...

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