Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: {Healthy} Living is...

This week, {Healthy} Living is packing a bag of snacks, putting on our tennis shoes, and loading in the car for a fall break adventure at the Gardens.

It's drinking in sunshine and navigating new paths and lingering by the Monet Pool to wonder at God's creation.

It's gazing into the water to reflect on our reflections of Him. 
And to notice His fingerprints everywhere.

It's slowing down to remember His deep, deep love for us, 
and how that challenges, inspires, and feeds our love for each other.

It's singing "In every change, He faithful will remain."
Today, it's believing this truth.

It's embracing the beauty of death and loss and it really is all beautiful.

What is {Healthy} Living to you?

I'm writing for 31 days of {Healthy} Living this month.
Join me and let's LIVE! Check out the end of Day 1 for the link to all the posts.

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