{about me}

Married to an amazingly faithful and forgiving man who is God's gift to me. Homeschooling Momma to three crazy kiddos who keep me on my toes and on my knees. Daily learning to lean on Jesus, live in light of the Gospel, and love the story God has written for my life.

That's the short story.

The longer version is that I'm an idealistic Iowa gal married to a nutty Nebraska guy, and God has been weaving our lives together in St. Louis, Missouri. Slowly, I am starting to learn to trust the Author of my life and realize that His story is bigger and better than the one I would have written myself.

Once upon a time I taught English as a Second Language to children from all around the world, and someday I have dreams of working with immigrants and refugees again. Nowadays my main mission in life is to four precious people who daily remind me of a thousand reasons to be thankful. And sometimes that makes me a little bit nutty, too. But it's all good, and it's all about how He's transforming my heart one day at a time.