Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15: Meatless Monday and {Healthy} Links

Here's what's cooking today for Meatless Monday:

Spinach Lasagna Rolls!

Thanks to my sweet Auntie Darla for sharing the recipe. I thought I'd test it out on my dad while he's here visiting. {Hope he doesn't mind the spinach!} Right now we are off and running to take a tour of the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, so for now, just pretend that this is the pretty dish I've prepared all by myself. I'll get to it when we get home, unless we are FAMISHED and our local Chipolte is calling our names. We'll see...

I'm always inspired by what others are cooking for their families. Please share your favorite meatless or healthy recipes that you love. {Don't send the ones that make your family complain; I've got plenty of those!}

Here's some {healthy} links to keep you inspired:
The Healthy Dessert Blog- can't wait to try her Black Bean Brownies
The Sneaky Chef - have you hid veggies in your kiddo's foods lately?
80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions - which ones have you tried?
31 Days of Essential Oils - check out this 31 Day blogger
31 Days to Healthy School Lunches - think outside the traditional PB&J

I'm writing for 31 days of {Healthy} Living this month.
Join me and let's LIVE! Check out the end of Day 1 for the link to all the posts.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

Ok! So I am totally loving the meatless monday stuff. i'm slowly trying to work the family into having one or two meals a week without meat too! so far, we are doing ok. this week we are having sneaky mac n cheese and a heap of steamed broccoli for our meatless dinner. here's the recipe!