Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: Meatless Monday and My Slight Obsession

Meatless Monday!!!
So, what are you cookin' up tonight?

Here's what's on our menu:

Still not sure whether I'm making the Pioneers Woman's Mac and Cheese or my inspiring friend Tiffany's Sneaky Mac & Cheese. It's not baked, but it's packed with more nutrition. 

Hmmm....nutrition or cholesterol? I know the Pioneer Woman's recipes are not the definition of "healthy," but I've been so good this month. {Or at least better than last month!}

True Confession:
Last Monday's dinner plan got ditched for my Dad's choice restaurant {I still went meatless!}, so I made the spinach lasagna this past weekend, and it's still in my fridge. We may have that, too! And a salad, just to round things out a bit. {We just got a last minute dinner & debate invitation, so Meatless Monday just might turn out now to be Try-It-Again Tuesday!}

More True Confessions:
I am slightly addicted to cookbooks. I love them. I can even go to bed with a good cookbook. A dear friend once said, "You don't need to be a great cook. You just need to find the right recipes." I'm on that hunt! Right now I'm reading through Dinner: A Love Story. Lovely. Maybe someday I'll write my own cookbook of family recipes I've discovered along the way. And take my own pictures. Dreamy!

Last True Confession:
I found a new bloggy "friend." Okay, I haven't really met her yet, but I really want to someday. Check out Iowa Girl Eats...I want to be her when I grow up someday. And she's from Iowa. Score!

So, what's cooking in your kitchen today, and what's your favorite cookbook, and do you have a true confession? Do tell!

I'm writing for 31 days of {Healthy} Living this month.
Join me and let's LIVE! Check out the end of Day 1 for the link to all the posts.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

ok, i can't remember what i ACTUALLY made last Monday....but this time, i really am making that sneaky mac n cheese. and i vote you make mine. but it won't hurt my feelings if you don't ;)