Friday, May 13, 2011

Parenting the Generations

I stumbled upon these wise words recently in a post by Ann Voskamp entitled, "How Every Parent Actually Parents Thousands of Children." They challenge me. Big time.

"Inside the frames, the bodies, the souls of our children, reside the children still to come. And the children then still to come. Like nestled dolls, future generations dwell within the child whose eyes I now look into, whose hands I now touch. Every day we parent not one child, or even a few children, but every day we parent innumerable, countless children. When I raise my voice, frustrated with a child, I speak to generations of children. When I wipe away a tear, comfort, listen, I honor centuries of children. When we meet our children, children we will not live to meet on this earth, are met, shaped, formed. Parented."


Kristen said...

that is a beautiful reminder! think I might print this one out!

Christan said...

I read her words this morning, too. Yes, an amazing thought.

amy said...

wow. no one really thinks of it that way ("no one" meaning me).
great perspective!