Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Storms

This weekend our son is off to a "Spring Storm" retreat with bus loads of other tweeners and some pretty amazing superhero-like saints. I'm praying that the weekend will be full of memories and meaningful growth in his relationship with God and his friends. And I'm also thinking about other spring storms we've experienced...

Last year God brought about the "perfect storm" in my life. A trio of troubles, if you will. I was approaching homeschool burnout, our new neighborhood was still empty, and commuting miles to church left us feeling distant and empty each week. I remember one dark night crying out to Doug,

"Something needs to change."

We talked. We prayed and waited. Finally, we realized that God was wanting us to start looking for community closer to home. Imagine that. But it's hard to say no to a good thing and walk in faith towards a God-thing.

I wonder...

"Was this how Peter felt when Jesus gave the invitation to step into water waves towards Him?"

And just like He promised, God gave us bread and fish, not stones or serpents. He led us to a place of refuge and to Refuge, a young community of believers that longs to love God and people extravagantly with truth and grace.

And suddenly I see the rainbow after the rain.

41. Refuge Church, St Charles
42. Purple blossoms majesty
43. "Count it all joy..."
44. Spring Storm and spring storms
45. A weekend away

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