Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Reading

I intended to read the Bible in a year last year. Didn't happen.

I also planned to read the whole Gospel of John during Lent leading up to Easter. Failed again.

I even hoped to work on some weekly Bible memorization using my nifty Fighter Verse app from Desiring God Ministries. That lasted just a few weeks. I'm behind now and don't know if I can even catch up.

I live in the land of good intentions and well-made plans. I just stink at the follow through.

This Easter week I've decided I need to keep it simple, though. So I'm reading through the book of John all week this week. (Yes, in my mind, this is simple. Short term goals are better for me.) I'm thinking since there are 21 chapters, that's 3 chapters a day for each day of Holy Week to take a sweeping look at the life, ministry, and last days of Jesus. I can't remember the last time I have read the book as a whole, so I'm excited. This is one goal I'm really, really hoping to keep.

I met the Word Made Flesh. He is LIGHT and LIFE.

I was reminded that from His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.

John the Baptist announced "Prepare the way of the Lord" and my heart sang a familiar tune from long gone Bible camp days.

Jesus called his first disciples, and I remembered why we named our second born Andrew. We prayed that like this disciple, he would have a special relationship with his brother and with his Savior.

Jesus turned water into wine, and I am thankful that we have a God who celebrates extravagantly.

I was once again reminded that "He must increase but I must decrease."

And today...
I am reminded how much I am like the woman at the well...prostituting my heart out to idols that will never truly satisfy when I am really thirsting for living water. So I say with my sister, "Give me this water, too, Jesus."

I realize that I am also the blind, lame, and paralyzed. Too many days I am blinded by my own sin. I often fail to walk in the fullness of the Gospel. Sadly, some days I am even paralyzed by fear. Thank you, God, for meeting me in my need and bringing healing.

And I can't help but wonder when I read the feeding of the five thousand. How did I forget that when Jesus took the bread and fish from that generous young boy, He first gave thanks? He hadn't even multiplied it yet. It still wasn't enough, but He thanked God for the little, and God made it much. Enough. Ann Voskamp puts it well: "Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle."

Care to join me in reading John this week? You can catch up and we can finish strong by Easter. Kind of like running a little mini Gospel-marathon together. Except instead of 26.2, we only have 21 chapters to cover!

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Alecia said...

Good stuff....the Lord has been working on my heart and it's more evident every day that I too have been prostituting out my heart to idols that will never satisfy. Thanks for the reminder to ask for the Living Water!