Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Right!

This spring at a homeschool curriculum fair I searched high and low for just the right Bible curriculum. In years past, I've sort of gone the devotional route with our Bible time in school, and of course we've had plenty of verses to memorize for our weekly Awana Club. But I wanted to find a curriculum that did an overview of each book of the Bible while connecting them as one grand story.

So I searched and searched and searched....and I felt a bit like the Berenstain Bears in Old Hat, New Hat.

I found some that were too long. Too weak. Too out-dated. Too much. Too little. Too moralistic. Too fragmented. Too boring!

Then I came home, and as I was cleaning out an old desk and throwing out old curriculum catalogs, I happened to glance at one. Suddenly I spotted it: A Bible course for children that is a historical, chronological study of the Bible for kids. It's called God's Great Covenant, and it's published by Classical Academic Press.
I think I found it--one that is just right!

Here's what their website says about the course:

"Teaching the Bible to young children can be a large task, and is often divided up into many small stories. However, if you would like to teach your students the truly big picture of the Bible, and show them how God has been at work in his people since before creation, you will find God’s Great Covenant to be a unique, surprising, and excellent Bible curriculum. The Bible, taught chronologically, by means of simple and direct stories, chants, and meditation on God’s character define God’s Great Covenant. Even many adults find themselves learning new facts, making surprising connections, and being blessed by reminder of God’s faithfulness, and how he always keeps his promises. Taught from a covenantal and reformed theological perspective, and rooted in Scripture, you will find this series to be a blessing to your classroom or family."

I'm really excited to use this with my youngest two this fall. There's even an audio file that you can purchase to listen to on the go. Nice!

I'm thankful to have discovered this series. I know it's not perfect, as no curriculum is, but it's what I had in mind all along.

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jeremy nevil said...

oh this looks really neat Kara! I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation,
Tiff Nevil