Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sanctuary in the City

We walked.

He led. We followed.

"Let's take this street. We've got time," he announced.

"But my way is faster, " I challenged.

Funny, he's choosing adventure, and I'm voting for efficiency. How the tables turn.

Slowing from our quick city pace, we notice the brave blooms of spring and catch the scent of early blossoms and then we discover it...

A sanctuary in the city. Serenity amidst chaos.

"Let's go inside," he suggests.

"But do we have time?" I wonder.

"Should we even be here?" the little ones question.

We enter, and time stands still.

Our eyes are naturally drawn upward. Our feet slow to a still, and our hands reach for other lenses. We have to store up this moment forever.

"Mommy, come pray with me."

Really? She's inviting me to talk to God?

We kneel and pause and whisper and believe.

This mosaic of marvelous beauty transports me from the mess of the menial and mundane.

Our necks strain to gaze heavenward and drink it all in.

Fill my cup, Lord, and let it overflow. Let me never forget the contrast of this moment. In the chaos and cacophony of my crazy life, slow time down and make me rest in your sanctuary of Truth, Beauty and Hope.

46. Following his lead
47. Following His lead
48. Can I say it again, "SPRING!"