Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seeds Family Worship :: Giveaway

Plants amaze me. They bear seeds that sprout life and beauty and health and some even harvest a rainbow of yumminess. And yet that seed can only grow in the right conditions...good soil, warmth, light, and water. Lots of water.

Psalm 1 reminds us of an important truth. We are blessed when our greatest delight is in God's word and when we meditate on it continually. When we soak it in like a tree planted by streams of life-giving water and nourishment. Our roots grow deep when we have water. Lots of water. Only then do we bear fruit.

Are you bearing fruit? Do you need some help soaking in the water of God's word? I certainly do.

Recently, I won a set of Seeds Family Worship CDs. {A millions thanks, to Amanda at Impress Your Kids and to the generous Seeds crew!} Their music is amazing, but the best thing is that each album comes in a two-pack. One for you and one to pass onto a friend. One seed to sow and one to scatter.

SO...I thought it'd be more fun to host some giveaways with my Seeds CDs. This week, I'm giving away CD #2 of my Seeds of Courage album, which is Volume 1 in the series.

Seeds for you to grow good fruit. Living water to drink in deep while you are in the car or making dinner or while you're out for a jog. Grow courage and encourage your heart.

How do you enter?

Easy peasy.

Three ways to win:

1-Add a comment. Share how God encourages you and builds your courage. Go ahead...share a bit of your story.

2-"Like" me on Facebook. Then come back and add your comment that you did.

3-Subscribe and become a follower. Because life is just better when we share our stories and run this race together. {Be sure to add another comment if you did this...more ways to win!}

I'll pick a winner on Friday with the help of random.org. I can't wait to see where I'll be scattering these seeds off to...

Disclosure: This is just Volume 1 and you will be receiving only one CD. I am not being paid, bribed, or coaxed into marketing for Seeds, I just love their music and want to pass on the blessing. Let's grow courage together!

P.S. Speaking of courage....stay tuned to tomorrow's post. I can't wait!


D. Lindstrom said...

I am follower!

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Facebook liked you!

D. Lindstrom said...

Encouraged by Sisters in Christ - like your posts!

Kristen said...

I am already a (grateful) follower and think this would be perfect "witching hour" trying to make dinner music!

Christan said...

Kara, Don't put my entry in the pot... I already own this CD. And we LOVE it! Didn't know you like it, too! :)

Kristin said...

I am a follower now!

Kara said...

Ashley "liked" on FB

Kara said...

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cassie said...

i am a follower. just found your blog, already love it