Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Lil' Story

Need some courage? I do daily. Courage and encouragement. I wrote about that recently. While I treasure the encouragement of a friend {or an unexpected gift}, I know that ultimately the courage that God alone gives is what my soul truly needs and hungers for.

But we really do need each other. And speaking of courage and community...

...I'm thrilled to be visiting Dayspring's (in)courage site today as a guest writer! What an honor to be among an amazing community of women who desire to help build up the body of Christ through daily encouragement. Please do visit. I'm sharing a lil' story about my lil' girl who was feeling especially lonely one day. Been there? Me, too.

My lil' disclaimer about her story: She had just seen the movie Ramona and Beezus. I think that's where she got the idea to run. Oh, my.

Leave a comment--it'll be good as gold!

Better yet, for a chance to hide some courage in your heart, enter this great giveaway and share a bit of how God encourages you.


Christan said...

Thanks for sharing your story on (in)courage! It's a great one.

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful story. I am afraid when our son "left home" at the age of six, my husband gave him bus fare. He only lasted until the end of the court. We kept our eyes on him. He returned and we kept everything 'normal'.

He didn't suggest moving out again until he turned 15, when we sat down with him and a budget (apt. heating, food vs his income - part-time job). This convinced him he need to stay the course and put up with us.

He now has a wonderful family, a university education, a good job and appreciation of what we did as parents.