Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Blog?

I've been asking myself some important questions. Why blog? Should I blog? Why should I blog?

I've had some thoughts about blogging in the past.

1-Blogging seems narcissistic. I mean really--many write about themselves and their accomplishments and their kids accomplishments, and on and on and on. Things I can't imagine I'd have time doing, much less also take pictures and record in a blog while I'm doing them. Am I just joining the crowd? Will I be different?

2-Blogging seems weird. I know more than I even thought to ask about people in my social circle just by reading their facebook or blog posts. And that seems weird to me when I haven't yet spent time with them face to face to find out that information. I'd rather get to know you by sitting down and having a cup of tea (or great coffee) together and chatting for hours....but what if we live miles apart and only have a few minutes to share? Is it okay to connect through blogging?

3-What really are my motivations? I mean r-e-a-l-l-y. Hmmmm.....

Well, it seems I've come to at least a few conclusions.

1-I need a creative outlet. In days past I used to love to scrapbook. Well, this was in grade school before scrapbooking was really in, so by now all of my scrapbooks have fallen apart. But I do feel the desire to record and share and communicate, and right now blogging seems like a great way. Perhaps I will send this to the printer someday and blogging will be my way of passing down a little bit of me to my family. At least it's easier (and cheaper) than writing a book.

2-I have a need to communicate. As much as I love Facebook, it leaves me say more, to connect more, to share, to encourage and be encouraged. Maybe that can happen through blogging.

3-The introvert in me has something to say and writing helps me to process. I also have developed a love for writing. Did I just say that? Okay, maybe I'm hoping to develop as a writer. I, at least, have a love for words. I do feel, some days, that the words that spill out of my mouth make no sense and don't really communicate what is going on in my heart, and writing seems to help me process that. Of course, I am sure to still put my foot in my mouth--or would that now be keyboard in my mouth?

4-I have some future hopes, dreams, projects and prayers for this blog....stay tuned!

I really do believe that God is the Author of our stories and He is working in everyone's lives for His own purpose and glory. We recently started going to an Acts 29 church. When we first learned about this network of church planting churches, I was curious to know why they chose the name Acts 29. What does Acts 29 say? (Ha! Good thing I paid a lot of money to go to a Bible college...because when I recently opened up to my Bible I suddenly realized there were only 28 chapters of Acts!) I soon found out that they use this name to communicate that God is still working, still building His church and His kingdom. We are the figurative 29th chapter. And I love this name, because it reminds me that the God who was once at work in history, is still at work today, and will continue His story until the day He returns. And the amazing thing is that I am now a part of the story that goes back to Bible time days. It's HIS story, and now it is my story to tell, too. And the name for my blog.

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christan said...

SO glad you are blogging, Kara. I look forward to reading your posts.