Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Do you talk to yourself? I do it all the time. Maybe it's the introvert in me. I talk to myself before I talk to others. But lately I've been noticing that I don't always tell myself the truth. I exaggerate. I minimize. I overlook. I pretend. I flat out tell lies. I forget the truth.

This problem is not just mine, but if we are all wired the same way, and I believe we are, we all experience problems with hearing and discerning truth in our lives. Once again, it goes all the way back to Adam & Eve who listened, but never really heard, never really believed, and unfortunately followed another's words, another's promises, another's....lies.

And that's our problem. That's my problem. Like Eve, sometimes I listen to the Father of Lies, who tantalizes me with temporary treasures that spoil and fade, while my true Heavenly Father offers me a taste of something better. Something rich. Something pure. Something satisfying and life-giving. Something that will truly quench my thirst and satisfy the hunger I experience while living in this sometimes disappointing world.

So, am I listening to the life-giving truth of my Heavenly Father, or am I listening to the lies of another father, a father who doesn't really love me and can never really satisfy my soul?

What about you...who are you listening to for truth?


christan said...

Thank you.

Suzanne said...

"Do you talk to yourself?"

Of course. I'm having parent/teacher conferences.