Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's In the Bible?

I've been pretty excited lately about helping my children see how all the stories of the Bible fit together. We try to do that each Christmas with our Jesse Tree, a small Christmas tree with special ornaments representing people in the Bible leading up to the birth of Jesus. It's a kind of family tree for Jesus, if you will. But more about that later...

I was super thrilled when I recently heard about this new project of the makers of Veggie Tales. They have stepped it up a notch and are completing what I think is their most creative and significant project yet--a series of 13 DVDs that walk children through the Bible. Check out What's In the Bible for a preview of what's to come. Or watch this YouTube video and hear Phil Vischer himself.

I'm hoping my kids will not only be entertained, but more importantly start to see how God's plan of creation, fall, redemption and restoration fits together and has been woven through the history and lives of people from the beginning of time. I'm hoping it will make their unabridged Bibles that they have graduated to a little less intimidating to read. Maybe they'll even be motivated to read Leviticus?! Okay, so I'm also hoping to learn a little myself, too. Or at least finally remember what I've learned.

P.S. Did you happen to see this 11 year old boy rattle off his version of how the Bible fits together? Quite impressive.

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