Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Year of Rest

She said it best who quietly commented, "I can't even begin to prepare for 2012...I'm still processing 2011."

And my head nods, and my heart knows, and I wonder, too, how I will ever prepare.

Here January bids goodbye, and I'm still pondering.

Deep down, I know, though. If I've learned anything this past year, I'm slowly accepting the truth that I can really only do one thing well. Or shall I say, attempt to do one thing well. I'm learning about the power of one. One task. One pursuit. One goal.

One word? Others have done it. I'm learning from them, too

She had a word. First she choose "Eucharisteo." {and she wrote a book}. Then she lived "Communion." The following year, "Yes." Next, "Here." This is her Year of Koinonia.

I'll sit and listen, too. What's my word?

Strangely enough, the New Year calmly commenced with a day of rest. Can we begin all new endeavors with a day of Sabbath rest? And isn't that really what we all really need? Or isn't that what I, at least, need most? To rest from trying, rest from laboring, rest from wondering and worrying and wishing and working? To rest in the here, the now, the good, the right, the moment, and the mystery? To remember that, "It is finished."

Rest. Yes, rest.

That's my word.

That's how I'll live 2012.

2012. The Year of Rest.