Monday, July 18, 2011

Seeing His Beauty

When life gives you weeds......make a bouquet.
Returning home (for a few days) from our summer of travel. What a summer! It's been a good break from the daily routine and an even better sabbatical from the computer. My blogging vacation is ending, too, but I'm returning with fresh perspective and renewed vision. A rested mind. Strengthened faith. New dreams.

My mind has also been swirling with the theme of story. Is my life telling a good story? (I've been reading Donald Miller's books recently.) How should I respond when my storyline fizzles? Do I trust God to tell a better story than the one that I would have written? Do I see disappointments as God's appointments to surrender, trust, and obey? Do I choose to see the beauty instead of the weeds? Or rather, the beauty in the weeds?

Seeing His beauty and counting again today...

178. Safe travels
179. Precious time with family
180. Shedding fear
181. Purple mountains majesty
182. Rock climbing with cousins
183. Learning to laugh
184. Grace, grace, and more grace
185. Connecting and reconnecting
186. A little girl who loves to walk dogs
187. Learning love
188. Unexpected gifts
189. Getting a second wind
190. Beautiful weeds


Anonymous said...

III yii iii...that book.
I am reading it too....lost it and bought a second....found the first and gave the other to my brother, who is still young twentysomething...He feels like he has been given a life roadmap.
Good list!

Alyssa said...

I let a couple of weeds really grow in my yard this year because I thought they were really pretty and unusual plants. Sometimes the weeds have value. Good little reminder!

Christan said...

Love this post.